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Imaginary Best Friend

My daughters are starting Kindergarten in a little over a week and I admit that in addition to the thrills of seeing them enter school (school!!), the prospect of meeting new people and possibly making new friends is exciting as well.

Since my daughters were born I’ve always worked outside the home. I’ve never joined Mommy & Me classes, never attended playdates, never EVER went to Gymboree. I *did* go to a new mother’s group for 2 weeks until my sleep deprivation (and potty mouth) decided it was time to depart for edgier climes. I don’t feel like I fit in to the usual mommy groups… Hence, the joy of meeting and making sweet lady friends on-line… (all of whom are even better in person)

So the possibility that I might actually make a REAL LIFE mommy friend has me endlessly excited and terminally crossing my fingers that somewhere in this school I’ll meet a kindred soul. Maybe someone as cool and funny as her, or her, or even her.

Here is a picture of my dream girl:

1. Swears

2. Drinks

3. Reads

4. Talks about sex

5. Wears cute shoes

6. Whip Smart

7. Sassy, edgy, big-brained, and big hearted.

And my imaginary friend will hardly *ever* talk solely about her kids. Oh and? She would love to sit and giggle over an intimate glass of wine.

And I have a funny feeling she isn’t the type of gal to wear this:


But she might wear this:


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And We Blogged All Night Long

The women! The cocktails! The laughing! I’m in love with 800 new people and that’s tricky for a gypsy girl like me, which is why it was bittersweet to leave BlogHer early to meet up with a lovely grad school pal.

Did you know that Charlene is a hot little number with a potty mouth (sigh), and that Kelly is totally cut and funny as hell, and Jessica is pretty and funny and oh so droll (we received many evil glances for giggling our way through some of the conference sessions) and Sarah goddess mother of twins with the best swag ever. And don’t believe a word she says, she’s absolutely stunning (and funny with a cute little baby boy strapped to her body). And many others… phew!

Still, not even enough time to lay eyes (or hands) on little Tanis, or Plain Jane Mom, and hardly hardly got to love up on Stefania.

This has been 8 trips stuffed into one and I’m exhausted and happy and only a teensy bit homesick. Sigh. So many women. Not enough time.


No Good (Leaving on a Trip) Mama Goes Unpunished

In preparation for my upcoming sojourn, I’m currying favor with members of my household by having slumber parties with each of the twins (sharp! elbows! talking! 2am!!) and making casseroles for the freezer so they won’t starve while I’m gone.

Kidding. Really just making sure the supply of peanut butter and jelly and cereal won’t run out.

Also wrapping up a huge project at work so I can start another project upon my return and woke up at 5am this morning to prepare for a 9am meeting.

This vacation is killing me and I haven’t even left yet. When I get to my fancy room, I”ll probably take one look at my two roomies (one spiritual-ly, one nekkid fitness-y) and the pretty clean quiet room, and fall into a drooling stupor.


Fun Games.

Mocha Momma has a fun game for the laydays as we prepare for BlogHer. It goes like this: You have 10 seconds to share some things about yourself. Even if you’re not going to Blogher (or if you’re not a layday), please join in the fun.

Here’s mine:

1. I have a Masters in Public Policy from University of Chicago (and the loan payment to prove it)

2. I’m a Cancer Girl (July, that is)

3. I received a music scholarship to help pay for college

4. I am the middle sibling sandwiched between two wonderful boys/men

5. I grew up Mormon

Now you. What you got?


Learn more about the other nice ladies here, here, or here, (or push the pretty button here).


Wind Sprint

After several days of loving up on my girls, we descended straight into Hell. Isn’t that the crux of the challenge of parenting? Just when you think you’ve reached some new state of loving adoration and peace, they learn an evil new trick.

For the past three nights running, all three girls have gotten up 8,000 times after bed for reasons ranging from “I need ice in my water cup” to “I love you bigger than the world” (which, if not told to you at 11pm is a very adorable thing to hear).

I’m a member of the Church of the Early Bedtime. I’m a worshiper of the Goddess of Sleep Ritual and an acolyte in the Parents Free Time is Essential to Mental Health spiritual practice. Kids getting good sleep is my thing. My main trick (aside from acting goofy so they laugh off a tantrum).

The past few nights we all devolved into an exhausted cranky, crying, yelling family from Hell. And I was Queen.

So tonight? Wind sprints and milk with a dash of Benadryl. I kept the girls up one hour later then usual and made them run between the two fences while I counted loudly and cheered.

And peace is restored. For now.

Me? Trouble?kids0002.jpgme? trouble?

Us? Trouble?