What I Write is Mine, Isn’t it? Blogging and Identity


Hello my name is Rachael and I used to write at CrankMama. I started CrankMama on a lark in August 2006, wanting an outlet for all my naughty dark lusty and sassy mama thoughts. I was dying for somewhere to express the millions of ways I was not, could not ever be Donna Reed, could not ever *not* swear around my kids, cook a reasonably tasty meal, stay at home without meaningful work, give up a fabulous sex life, leave aside 100% of my own ego for my children. I was drowning in spiritual suburbia, and CrankMama was my express train to midtown Manhattan with a pocket full of cash and a brain full of daring.

My computer, anthropomorphized and worshipped, cuddled more than my husband, was my instrument of adventurous warfare on vanilla mommyhood everywhere. My solution for sleepless worry, my nascent feminism and amorous curiosities found an outlet.

As it grew bigger, I became known (albeit only to a few) as CrankMama, which was perfectly fine with me, and this persona of a sassy, shit-kicking potty-mouthed mama developed, at once more than and less than me.

But here’s the rub (and the clumsy hard, repetitive kind without lube), like many women writers, I lacked confidence in my abilities as a writer. I was comfortable “only” being a blogger because it seemed so much less risky than claiming to be a writer (if you say you’re a writer and they ask where and you say “a blog” you just sit there waiting for the laughter). I was chicken. I was shucking and jiving the sisterhood I claimed to defend.

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2 Responses to “What I Write is Mine, Isn’t it? Blogging and Identity”

  1. 1 Mel
    August 3, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    Bastards! The day you left CrankMama, I removed it from my feed. I’m interested in YOUR voice – not in the substandard excuse for a facsimile that is attempting to speak in your voice over at CrankMama now. I just popped over for a quick peek – and found I made the right choice, too. It’s all crass, no sass. Without you, the heart and soul is gone.

    You *should* still have rights to your work – though you might have to *share* rights with whoever it is over there that keeps trying to turn a metaphor like you do. (The attempts are sad, and somewhat startling.)

    I’m sorry your creation has been so morphed. I’m not, however, sorry to now be able to hear (what I suspect to be) the voice that is closer to your more 3-dimensional self. Also? Not sorry I avoid the dreck they are now attempting to pass off as your writing. That don’t hold a candle, baby.


  2. August 3, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    After having read this, my head hurts. I’m so angry for you, my writer friend.

    Please contact me soonest because I’d like to discuss the particulars of your arrangement with these women and figure out what I can do to help you retain the writings that are very much yours.

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