Sassy Pantses

My twin daughters are full of vim, vigor, and confidence. They
proclaim that they are "brave, strong, and powerful" and I’m very
proud. But the Darlings of the Self Esteem are also excited about
outnumbering mama and putting (keeping?) me in my place.




1+1 = 1 MILLION




I’m often identified as "she" (as in, "shhhhh, she might hear us")
and it’s usually stage whispered from the next room as I try and do
dishes, and they try and rule the world.

Thus, the confidence I try and grow in the wee birds frequently bites me in the arse.  Such is life with the Wonder Twin Daughters o’ Sass.

Thank GOD I’m the only one allowed to drink coffee and chant to myself "I’m in charge.  I’M in charge.  I’m in CHARGE, dammit!"



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